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you had visited my 'poor' ego post, have you been back? there has been a development because of it.
These cards pertain to this event.
Whenever I want to know about someone I draw 3 cards(sometimes 4) they are "open" in their meanings such as your spread. Now here's the fun part. While shuffling, I was thinking how funny it would be to draw the Lovers since this fellow is a Gemini. I was doing my final cut when cards fell from the deck, 3 of them. Upon turning them over I was face to face with the 6th card of the majors - go figure.
Yes, this is basically what I came up with, except the all cards are thiers. Having card #1 apply to me is VERY fitting because the last true lover I had was killed 4 years ago and I have not had anything meaningful since. I saw there to be wonderful potential no matter what direction this 'friendship' will take. We have yet to meet (4C rev) but look forward to getting to know each other.
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