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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
I find the 'Enochian Trance' different from 'scrying' , normal conscious and hypnotism ( which one should forget , unless one has a problem such an addiction or bad emotional state that cant be beaten, and then only with a very reliable person ) .

Then again it may have been the way we did it, which was a variation. I found the 'babbel' (the Enochian calls themselves) very effective to induce this, combined with the strong visual images of the 'squares' ( I have not worked with the aethyrs much ) . Then again, then again, it could have been due to my direct connection with the tools used (I spent 90 hours painting those squares. )
I would think so too. My little book for Scrying was written by the person who edited the Agrippa books, and it is an excellent book for the topic, I recall. It was mainly about scrying with crystal ball, and he was telling in detail how he stared the practice very early age, and also recommended diets when scrying, and various ways and tips for scrying .. Etc.

One could ask what has scrying with crystal ball has anything to do with tarot reading, and some may reply, well tarot readings are, they believe, scrying with tarot cards, and I think they might be right.

Enochian Magick is, I believe, different thing all together, I might be wrong, but I used to think it is magickal practices to see, and converse with the Enochian Angels and Demons, as Crowley had done in his "Vision and Voice" book.

This Magick, I reckon, would need maybe elevated state of consciousness via self hypnosis as smw tried, or other techniques? Or maybe if one is well trained and spiritual, then maybe is possible with normal consciousness.

For instance, from skimming the book by duQuette on the topic, he seems doing the Enochian Magick under the state of normal consciousness. I will be reading it soon, and was going to find out more about it.
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