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Originally Posted by smw View Post
me too, I think it is very interesting what might be considered within 'normal consciousness' or what isn't. I suspect that the mind dips into different phases without us necessarily being aware of it.
Indeed. When working with such conditions one begins to respect that . What I mean is, when our group was underway (usually at a meeting, gathering or retreat, and 90% of the time at my place ) we would get 'used to ' such 'phases' ; leave a certain person alone, or ignore their absence after observing they were 'off with the fairies' . During retreats, when some are involved with multiple daily practices ( eg, even just Liber Resh X 4+ LBR daily ) its common to be 'in the zone' most of the time.

It can occur in a specific area to ... like when one entered the temple or circle. I notice that even others, entering our main outdoor circle, one that is obviously large and 'ceremonial' a certain change in consciousess or awareness ( or 'mind phase' ) rises. And it should be that way, certain modes of consciousness and behaviour should be banned from temple or circle ; 'leave it at the door'.

More so on 'Enochian night' ..... the set up, the 'Enochian Temple' the visuals of the 'tablets' ( made large), the others committed to the working arriving (even meeting up with them outside of this ) ... even thinking ' Oh ... it's Enochian night tonight!' would be enough to change my consciousness.

So, even the 'preliminaries' are a good set up , the ritual, the squares, the calls then the specific visualisations and method we set up ......... resulted in very vivid ' journeys'.

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Maybe that is why journaling is helpful to train catching those fleeting thoughts that otherwise can remain out of awareness. With my dream image of the fire man, I would not have remembered that at all - I only did because I was recalling things for my journal and thought 'hang on- what was that? similarly when doing the LBRP. It's weird what you might get a glimpse of and forget if you don't make a concerted effort to recall it.
Try writing notes when you wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I never remembered that I was awake at all .... least what I wrote down then ! ( Insights, poetry, short stories, house designs and blueprints .... ! )

Originally Posted by smw View Post
I was thinking of getting Duquette's book too. Does it cover scrying the Aethyrs? I have just impulse bought Enochian Magic in Theory by Frater Yechidah. It had some really good reviews on Amazon. I hope so. Last time on impulse I bought AC's Magick in Theory and Practice without really checking and it turned out to be some kind of internet publishing and in really hideous small print.

Apparently there is a follow up, Enochian Magic in Practice by Frater Yechidah which came out in hardback this January but is sold out. That has a chapter on scrying the Aethyrs.
I read about Enochian for years ....... none of it gelled or made any sense until I took ..... someone's ( damn, cant remember the author or book ! ) advice to methodically plot out the set up and reasoning visually on paper. Once I understood the set up - zoom, I was off.

A note; I am dead set against some authors claims (like Zalewski's books and others ) who seem to be saying your experience has to be relevant to theirs . In one book I read something like ; in this aether you will be challenged by ........ with a huge ....... you must defeat him to be able to pass to the next level.

Utter Hogwash ! What is that ? Dungeons and Dragons ? ? ?

Being an exploration of one's own psyche, one has one's own levels, triumphs and challenges in different areas , represented by one's OWN symbolic interior world. The LAST thing I am interested in is journey through Pat Zalewski's Unconscious or Crowley's Id !
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