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The Mythic Tarot

I got my deck last summer. I'd only been studying Tarot for about a year, but was having trouble.

I went to this shop in the town centre, that sells tarot, candles, witchy things and stones.

I was talking to the proprieter and saying I wanted a deck that would be easy to understand with pictures I could memorize. He offered me this one because, he said, it was what he learnt tarot with, and thought it very useful. He also had the accompanying book (second hand) but he'd sell it to me cheap.

So I bought the deck and I've never looked back since. I don't think I've used my other deck much since and haven't really bothered to buy another tarot deck (I've been getting Oracle decks instead).

Once I read the story, look for pointers in the appropriate card, I can usually relate the story to an aspect in a person life or their personality or the way they relate to other people. I find it easier to interpret in my own words than I can from other decks and other explanations.

I also love Greek Mythology and know most of the stories.
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