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Originally posted by truthsayer
the name is,"a complete guide to faeries and magical beings" by cassandra eason. the isbn # is 1-57863-267-6 published by weiser books. i highly recommend it.

jewel, are you listening, dear?

i haven't read this book but i know there are many doreen virtue fans out there. she has a deck and book out on the faeries. there's the brain froud faery oracle and the faery ring oracle. i can vouch for the faery oracle as being really good.
I heard it loud and clear ... actually I need to check my library, as I may have it ... if not I definetly want it!

I will go through my library and write down a list of the faerie books I have to contribute to the list here.

I have read Healing with Fairy's by Doreen Virtue, and it is more of an account of how the faeries have worked in her life, and how she came to know them than actually being about faeries. I enjoyed the book never the less. The deck is nice ... and comforting, but I still prefer the Froud oracle and the Fairy Ring.

Ted Andrews wrote a good book on Faeries that I read several years ago ... unfortunately I loaned it to a friend and it has not made it back home yet. But I highly recommend it.
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