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Step Two: Golden Tarot, Ace of Coins

3.1- The surroundings seem peaceful. The rock walls and ledges, the bushes and the lillies, they speak of happiness, and the peacock and the lion so close together are at peace. The angel, though, holding his large coin seems at the same time content and also careful, mindful. So many things could go right or wrong with this large sum... Or with the surroundings.
The emotions I am taking from this card are those of peace, contentment, and betterment, but also caution.

3.2- Here in my favorite place, with my money. I'm thankful for it, and for my progress, and I love this place... And at the same time, so much could go wrong here. If I drop this coin, will it roll into the lion's den?

3.3- This card's emotion speaks of the present in my life. This summer, I turn twenty one. I'm working full time and back in college. I also have ADHD, which means that my progress in life has been slow and very much work, which has a tendency to come and go. My father is in treatment for the PTSD and subsequent drug and alcohol abuse he's lived with all his life, and his progress is amazing and at the same time easily enough lost, much like the coin this angel is holding.
And the lighter aspect, for now, is that this setting reminds me very much of a place I go during the summer, the only place in nature where I feel like the earth speaks to me, and I to her.
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