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Originally Posted by Rosanne
Now I more than happy if anyone feels the need to put me right. Please do, if your study shows me in error. These are my personal correspondences- I am not a Hebrew scholar, but this is mainly astrological/ biblical/Seasonal/ chaldean based as far as I can get it all together ~Rosanne
I find it all perfectly acceptable bar your change of fire/water, shin/mem. It seems to me you are doing what you have found objectionable in the GD, only worse, because you have ended up changing allocations of attributions to letters for which there has not been any dispute and ergo little defence, in order to correlate with your conception of the meaning of a tarot card with which they likely were never originally associated with. In the end you have ended up, just like the GD which you criticise, with a correlation that does not correspond with attributions that exists in any version of the SY. Change fire and water back and your attributions to the letters will correspond to those which are attested to in the oldest version of the SY. This is my own favoured set, with the small difference of course that I prefer to start alef-fool

MYM means water. The Egyptian hieroglyph for the M sound was the first of the Egyptian letters discovered and described as having a phonetic basis, by Kircher, who related it to the Coptic word for water and the M sound.

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