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21 Ways - Step Three

Step Three - International Icon Tarot, 5 of Wands

There is a feeling of competition and ego here. Not only does no one want to lose the argument, but each also wants the others to see "the correct" point. There is frustration, just the hints of anger. There is also some slight resentment now as yet another has shown up and entered the discussion with yet another viewpoint.

Yet again, I am coming upon something after it has already started. I feel compelled to add my own viewpoint to the discussion - whether anyone wants it or not. I have felt like the "new kid" in the class so many times throughout my life, that what others think about me doesn't concern me anymore. I don't feel confident, but that is not stopping me either. I must put myself out there - right or wrong - or I will be haunted that I did not. I long to be part of something...

There are more cases than I can count where I have been in this type of situation! But I'll only pick one to talk about . When I took the position that I have been in for the last 6.5 years, I was brought out by a group that has always been "locked" in a controversy with the group I was going to work for. I am sure, that the group that brought me out thought I would be on "their side" because I was coming from a corporate environment on the outside - and they mostly followed that line. However, when I arrived, they discovered I had a mind of my own and tended to be more aligned with the group I was going to work for. It has been a controversial situation ever since and yes, some strong emotions are expressed every so often.
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