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tarot made easy

This book has gotten a pretty severe verbal beating in some of the treads I've just been reading. I haven't read it yet but thought I would point out why I just bought a copy. The sample cards are not b&w gray scale replicas of some deck. This book has Pamela Coleman-Smith's line drawings without any color. That's what they look like to me. This is a great source for a color your own deck starter.

Many people don't like the laundry list of meanings this book gives each card. This was a source of confusion and overload to many beginners. I can't argue that. What I have to say in the books defense is this. Many people buy several books so they can get a feel for the wide variety of meanings that can be applied to each card. They look for a different take on the cards to broaden their understanding. Think of this book as 20 or so books that one can referrence when studying a particular card.

Happy meditating.
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