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These are my favourites;
Everything by Brian Froud,Wendy Froud,Jessica Macbeth,and Terri Windling.
The Faeryland Companion by Beatrice Phillpots,
The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries by Pierre Dubois(but not until you have read a lot by Brian Froud,Terri Windling,and Jessica Macbeth,because he writes about the "bad" faeries too,and that may be confusing,as we only work with the good ones in the Oracle,those who want to help).The illustrations are fantastic,and the stories very good,though.
Finding Fairies by MichelleRoehm McCann and Marianne Monson-Burton(how to attract good faeries,good read for children and adults alike).
Fairy Spells by Claire Nahmad.Not many spells,but a good little book anyway.
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