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Druidcraft - The Moon


1. Interpretations from the Druidcraft companion book:

- psychic awakening
- Dreams
- Imagination
- Deep revelation of feminine mysteries
- Withdrawal
- Facing fears

Interpretations from the Tarot Bible:

- Intuition
- Fear
- Self deceit
- Illusion
- Blind to the truth, unrealistic dreams
- Feeling confused
- Feeling worried & apprehensive
- Trusting your intuition
- Losing touch with reality
- Tricky love affair

2. As I went through the list of possible meanings, the giveaways for me, while thinking of my question was becoming more focused, a quickening of breath, becoming more interested.

3. The main meaning that Jumped out at me was that of facing fears. This meaning makes me realise that I fear a certain situation, and when I become more aware of what I fear, I can deal with the situation easier.

4. My meanings are very similar to some of the meanings in the book, those being fear, illusion, worries and dreams.


Why are you feeling worried? It is mainly fear of the unknown

How can you stop your fears? By acknowledging them and making a concious decision and effort to take that step into the unknown.
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