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Originally Posted by sapienza
Excuse my ignorance (I'm still very new to this whole historical tarot world) but what is the difference between the Lombardy Meneghello Soprafino and the Meneghello Tarocchi Neoclassico?
There's a comma in there somewhere! I meant (Ancient Tarot of) Lombardy AND Meneghello Soprafino.

To clarify, there is the;

Meneghello Soprafino (Ltd edition)

Scarabeo Classical tarot; the same deck as above but with borders, keywords, bigger cards, not Ltd edition, not square corners etc etc.

Ancient Tarot of Lombardy

Meneghello Tarocchi Neoclassico; a Ltd edition of the above deck, with stronger colouring, no borders (the cards end with those fancy lines at the edge of the Anc. Tarot of Lombardy). much nicer IMO. Smaller cards, overall more delicate somehow...
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