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Robin Wood Majors Suit Associations

I've been working with the Robin Wood deck now (PDR) since April. As I learn about the cards, and approaches to reading, I have begun to see that the Majors are associated with the suits and/or the elements by many (maybe all?) readers. While working on a project regarding this actual topic, I tried to find in Robin Wood's book where she might mention, as a whole, what Major Arcana cards are associated with which of the four Suits. I see where she clearly states which suits are associated with specific elements, but not what Majors are associated in the same way.

Can anyone tell me if they have found this information for Robin's book anywhere? I know that there are debates about how the suits are associated with the Elements in various traditions. Since I'm working with Robin's deck, I wanted to know how she associated the Majors, and hoped to find this information in her book, but have not been successful.

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