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Prisma Visions: The Song of Swords

The Song of Swords

"Be leery of the Song of Swords, its weight can be dangerous. Ruled by the element of air, these cards explore power, change, ambition, courage and battle (of the mind, heart and body)."

Our song begins in the midst of the long night, when the stars burn cold and pitiless, and freezing winds make curlicues in the air. The trees, already weighted heavily with snow, seem ready to snap their trunks in the stiff breeze, but stubbornly hold on. The winter wind sends drifting snow across three plateaus. On the first plateau, a silver blade, thrust into the ground at an awkward angle, glows with unearthly light like a lamp, as the prismatic eye watches from its bird-shaped hilt. A group of humans use other swords scattered across the plateau in their own ways. Swords bridge the way to the second plateau, where two more people are caged by more of swords.

At the edge of the second plateau we find the first of three giant birds, who guards the space to their leading to the third plateau. The first bird is warding off one person and has successfully overcome another, impaled by many swords.

Certain individuals have made it across to the final plateau, where they conquer the remaining two birds by blade and by restraint, leading to their nest of chicks. The victorious King showers nourishment into the nest for the chicks.
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