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I thought the RWS Centennial Deck only came as a playing card sized deck or as a larger deck as part of the Commemorative Box Set. So when I found the larger sized cards were available as a stand-alone deck, I bought it.

Basically, all I wanted was ONE good example of such an historically important deck. I don’t want to collect the dozens of permutations of the RWS deck. That’s not my thing.
Anyway, VERY PLEASED with the larger sized Centennial set.

• Good colouring – makes it feel “classic” without the primitive colouring techniques of the early 20th century. Didn’t try to do anything fancy or creative.
• Thick card stock.
• Keeps Pamela’s lettering – this really is a part of the card art. Replacing with with more modern lettering is like cutting off the bottom of the card.

• It’s a tight fit within the box it comes in – hard to close and will wear out quickly.
• The backside art is plain but at least it’s reversible.
• Deck is quite high because the cards are quite thick, so some hands will find it a hard shuffle. But maybe the playing-card sized deck is to “go to” option here.

So for an average punter like me, who just wanted one good historical reproduction of RWS, then yes, I agree this is an excellent choice.
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