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Originally Posted by BodhiSeed View Post
I realized later that there are two empty "shelves" with no masks on them.
The empty shelves were the biggest mystery for me on first viewing this card. A traditional interpretation has the lightning bolt breaking down existing forms to make room for new ones. Perhaps those two spaces represent the ancient people who were "scattered abroad" to become the different cultures of earth which are pictured on the other masks. Or, contrariwise, do the shelves provide room for new forms that we can choose to take up after the turmoil has passed?

Originally Posted by Seph7989 View Post
I cant see clearly where the floor ends and the wall begins
That baffles me too! My rational mind wants to resolve this optical illusion by saying that the compass rose is the top surface of a raised pedestal, on which the table is standing, so that the floor and wall meet behind it and beneath our field of vision. You're certainly right that symbolically it adds to the feelings of shock and upheaval that the Tower represents. As if the structure of the house itself is breaking up!

ETA: The one mask that swimming did not identify (on the top right) looks like the head of a Japanese Shakōki-dogū figurine.
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