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Hi JDusk,

A really interesting combination of cards.
I wanted to share a few thoughts in the hopes that it might help to illuminate the situation.

1. Personally, I find that it is incredibly rare for the Tarot to give an answer which essentially equates to "no solution," or "no hope." That being said, you know the situation far better than I do, and I do not suggest throwing out your interpretation by any means, but I think there's some hidden positivity and maybe even a suggestion of a course of action buried in the two cards there.

2. Looking at the reversed cards' suits, we see that both are cups. Cups relate to water and emotions. I found it interesting that they should reveal themselves in response to a question which was asked specifically about communication, to which we might expect swords to pop up, since they relate specifically to communication, logic, and air.
To me, this suggests that maybe the issues affecting you and your father, though they may be rooted in things like work (which is well represented by the pentacles), have begun to take a more emotional turn. In other words, regardless of how any disagreements or blockages in communication may have started, it seems that things are now possibly much more about the feelings of those involved, and less about the events/choices which may have set things off.

3. Finally, I might read the reversed ten of cups as a "misalignment of values" in this context, which at first glance sounds like there is no way to find common ground between the disagreeing parties. But I think there is implied advice in the reversed ten. Is there anything you might be able to do to show your father that your values are still in reasonable accord with his and those of your family? He may disagree with the line of work you've chosen, but is there a way to help him see that you still hold the same dedication and values, and that you apply them to the areas of your life just the same?
For the reversed three, one of the interpretations I think could apply here is the concept that "three is a crowd." While I don't look at this too literally--there aren't three individuals in this question, after all--I think that the spirit or general feeling behind that sentiment might apply. The advice I might take from the reversed three might be to give some space to the parties involved and see if that helps to correct the situation.

Not sure if any of this will resonate with you, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents in case it adds any clarity! I hope the lines of communication open up again soon!
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