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Thanks for posting such an enlightening spread. I have 7 guides, each unique and so very special to me now. I only thought of one, but I certainly felt each and everyone of them through this spread.

#7 was particular in what she wanted--reversed cards. 7 reversed cards were required, taken from 7 cuts in the deck, the cards chosen after 7 shuffles and then counted down starting at the 7th card.

Then 7 more shuffles were required prior to the final cutting. I think she got bored; she allowed me to cut three times .

Lo and behold, the top card for her: XX The Aeon reversed. My deck, The VIA Tarot, considers Aeon to represent the Judgment of epochs rather than the Judgment of the Individual. I see this Guide as The One for an aspect of my past.

Happily, the others were far more lenient. A few of them had me laughing, one had me near tears.

I felt waves of chills and goosebumps (this is my physical sign that "I'm on") and they radiated from different parts of my body. One spread out from my lower back, from lateral to medial.

Another, prior to turning the card over, sent chills anchored at my feet (His was the King of Disks).

Others sent chill waves from my fingertips while the next caressed the higher chakra point of my head with a feather.

One desired a change of music. Well, at least 5 of them enjoyed Pink Floyd....

Thanks again!
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