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Thanks for your help, Alissa. =)

I suppose most people here do wish they could write, but simply do not have the drive to do so. The same goes for me. Writing is a very exhausting hobby. But Vargo's deck is beautiful, and in my opinion, they would make wonderful stories. Once you heard the story, you'd take a long, long while to forget it. This deck is like that.

Still, just because we can't write doesn't mean we can't make up our own story as we do a reading, with the characters voicing soundless words and the gargoyle card on your left side watching the horse-drawn chariot thundering through the mists in the card on your right side. What could it mean, you'd ask, and the moral of the parable is decided by non but the beholder ... That's you.

Doing this will require a special spread. Maybe a skilled tarot-master like Umbrae could guide us?
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