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Phantasmagoric -High Priestess 2

Thought I would have a go at todays daily draw while I have a few minutes to myself.

Todays card is the 'High Priestess' - Yin.

An author of a book I read once said that whenever we choose a deck, we should look at the High Priestess and see how we feel about her. According to this author, the Priestess was the key to the deck and determined how we formed a relationship with that particular tarot.

I have flirted with a few High Priestesses in my time and I was never completely sure that I had locked into them as this author suggested I should have - whether she is right or wrong. With time, I have atuned myself to this one a lot more. There is something so calm about Yin.

Yin sits on her thrown, surrounded by water. She wears green and has a crown of 10 stars in her hair. One eye is covered by a pentacle. I see her as my High Priestess but there are elements of her that remind me of how I expect an Empress to look. Is she holding her gown together or does she hold something in her lap thjat is not in our view? What secrets has she?

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"The High Priestess is influenced by the moon.

Before you, sits Yin, the High Priestess. She is guardian to the entrance of a new dimension, a world she will allow us to enter where she will explain life and its mysteries.

Yin shows you the path to realisation; she takes your feelings and removes the padlock that separates the outer maze from the inner, enabling you to enter. The High Priestess holds great cult powers, as symbolised by a pentacle in place of her left eye. She advises us to listen to our feelings and intuitions, and teaches us to trust in ourselves.

Inspiration, creative, imagination, insight, clairvoyance, telepathic.

RX Mistrust, fear of the unknown, uncontrollable fantasies, psychic attack.

Best wishes

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