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Well, speaking of coming to better terms with cards we didn't originally like, I found a passage in Jason C. Lotterhand's "Thursday Night Tarot" that helps me view the seeming Empress type aspects of this High Priestess in a different light: "Q: I don't get the connection between mind and matter. I always thought they were opposites.
A: That's how it looks from the outside. A thought doesn't seem like a thing, any more than your shoe seems like radiant energy.
Looking from the inside, Key 2 represents PRIMA MATERIA, the First Matter spoken of by the alchemists. The First Matter is the mind itself, which has substance, not only in a philosophical sense but in a real sense. A city that you imagine in your mind is just as real as a city you see through your outer eyes. The nature of mind is particular; it has particles. These can be arranged in patterns. When you envision a city in your mind, you have actually taken these particles and arranged them in a certain pattern. An electrical image is created, exactly like the signal in a TV set. In our ignorance we say, "But that is just something I imagined. That cathedral I saw in my mind is nothing." Well, it isn't nothing. It's the same as a cathedral in physical terms, but on another level of expression. In the Cabala it's on level two, the level of mind and of the Divine Mother.
The idea comes from level one: "I would like to go to the moon." You would never actually get to the moon without going through the next stage. There you take particulate matter and arrange it in patterns, giving form to the idea. That's the role of mind."

So the pentacle "eye" is maybe showing that she sees images on a different level- on the abstract level of the fifth element, spirit/mind, before they become concrete in the next card. The pentacle is over the "ocular sinister"; she teaches us to trust ideas that come out of "left field", and to believe enough in our visions to attempt to realize them via the other four elements.
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