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Originally Posted by Little Baron

Position 3.

If, say, we had the 'Queen of Swords' in Position 3, she would be someone else. Always.

What is hard to explain is that 'we' are always on the left. That could mean either in Position 1 or not shown at all. 'We' are NEVER in Position 2 or 3. That would always be someone else.

So, in your example, with just one court in Position 3, the cards in 1 & 2 are what is shared between us and the queen. We are still on the left, but invisible. Therefore, if the '3 of Cups' and 'Death' were in positions 1 & 2, you might say that there has been a change in the emotional relationship between us and the queen. Or maybe, that a change is required.

Does that make sense? If not, please say.

Not 100% I understood this and I will try asking without confusing even more

Card 3 a court = always other person

Are we always card 1 even if its not a court?

So for e.g.

6 wands - 8 of pentacles - page of pentacles

Would 6 of wands definitely be me/my energy and the 8 what is shared? between me and the page? or do i become invisible and cards 1/2 blended show the what is shared

I will get it in the end lol
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