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Quantum King of Pentacles.

Here I see a young man's calm face, with a suspicion of a suppressed smile evident in the corners of his eyes and mouth. His face is artificially lined and aged with tree branches. This might indicate wisdom beyond his years, or familiarity and perhaps conversancy with hardship. He wears sombre black, the colour associated with Saturn/Cronos. The Greek name for the planet sounds like "chronos", which is "time". Hence the association with age. (And Father Time consumes all of his children.)

The tree branches are a nice touch, not just in being of the earth--the pentacle element--but in showing structure, a pentacle concern. These are winter trees, and pentacles are often associated with north, and winter.

Saturn is associated with slowness--it is the slowest-moving of the visible planets--and earth is a slow element. "Slow and steady win the race" and "many a little make a mickle" are phrases I associate with Saturn in respect to the king of pentacles. Caution, attention to detail, patience, foresight, investment, providence against winter's need, delayed rewards and earned rewards relate to this card. Speaking of winter, Father Christmas relates to this card, too, if you think about it. (He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's going to see who's naughty and nice...and give them a lump of coal* if they were naughty).

Saturn is a symbol of experience, as surely the king of pentacles is. Astrologically, Saturn Returns happen a couple of times in our lives. These are when Saturn is in the same zodiac position as when we were born. As this takes about forty years to happen, we are presumed to have gained some wisdom in Earth-school by then. And tarot Kings are surely wise.

Saved wealth is evident in Saturn's rings--an accumulation of ice, a collection, water in its cold dry humour as earth is. The tree branches also form a diamond in the center of the card (playing card equivalent to pentacles). The diamond shape symbolizes the mineral diamond, which is formed over a long time from common earthly carbon--Saturnine black and opaque, and if *coal, the remnant of consumed life. Under pressure, carbon is tempered into something valued and "forever": crystal, the highest vibration of carbon, if you will. Clarity gained over time.
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