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I am tripping on how many people in this string are so against the Osho Zen. That has been one of my very favorite decks since the '90s, and it's one of the decks I usually always have on me. Actually, it was the first deck I could read without a book. Osho Zen has also been a popular deck people choose to have me read from. Wow, kind of a trip! But it really does break my heart to hear about burning. I would really like to to save any Osho's from burning. I will pay shipping and find them new happy homes.

I too have trouble with the Liber T. I want to get it, but I'm stuck on the bestiality and have not got past it yet. I am going to find a way to work with it someday. Also, Voyager was my very first deck in 1992 and it's still brand new. I'm actually planning on taking a course from James Wanless when he comes to SF because I really want to connect with Voyager.

I've bought Deviant Moon twice and let it go twice. It's currently #1 on the "Top Deck of all Time" for 2009 here on Aeclectic.

I can't stand the TAROT OF GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS DECK. I am a rock & crystal junkie and have a huge collection. The stones assigned to the cards feel all wrong to me. I wish someone would come up with a good Crystal Tarot.

Anyway, this is a very interesting string. It's all good. : ) Very mind expanding!
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