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Howie Doing?

The first thing that struck me about his was his androgynous body--he does look kinda femmy, you know? I have a feeling he aspires to the market that Boy George used to sustain; he is the New Karma Chameleon.

He also seems to be wearing mascara and lipstick, is that a microphone hidden behind his back? Yeah, Howie's an aspiring rock star, and he's got a message of love, plus he's going to start a trend for pink shorts and combat boots--he's got a pink scarf on his neck too.

See that big hair on his chin, it's quite exagerated. It reminds me of those Gillette commercials where they do the close-up animation of how that razor just bites 'em off at the root for a clean smooth shave. Well Howie didn't quite get to the root of the matter despite his quest, either that or he's preparing to audition for a Gillette commercial. He looks like veering his head away so you don't stab yourself on that hair if you approach him, he's also trying to keep you from mussing his makeup before he goes on stage.

That thing behind him is a ladder to the stage and the dry ice in the cup is going to start smoking any minute now and the dice will act like disco balls on the floor, he'll rip the mike from behind his back and start singing his hit "273 Checks," which is the single he won the Grammy for. Yeah, he's got a zircon stud in his navel, number one with a bullet.

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