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Saturn & Uranus symbology -- a review

Saturn plays different roles in our lives at differing times. When younger, this old man of the solar system represents sternness, authority, rigidity of position, a sour disposition. As we grow, develop and move out into the world, Saturn retains its sense of limitation, outward authority imposed on us, delays. As we age Saturn starts to represent pains, stiffness, maturity, reasonableness (as we see it), patience. Inbetween all of this, Saturn sometimes shows up as back aches (in Leo), teeth problems, constipation, all of the bone and limitation stuff. We sometimes see Dad or the Boss as a Saturn figure. Later as we mature, Saturn becomes the "plan", the "method", the "process" that we follow to limit failure and assure success -- yes, "limit" and "assure" are Saturn words. We learn caution and care, to take our time. In time we project Saturn to become institutions and rules, legislation, legal requirements.

As we learned earlier, we use Saturn -- and feel used by Saturn -- in a number of ways, all of them associated with limitation, duty, caution.

Uranus is in many ways an "opposite" of Saturn. Where Saturn is slow, Uranus is "sudden and fast." Saturn follows the plan, Uranus tears up the plan and improvises. Uranus has no respect for anything that opposes it, Uranus acts as it sees a need to act. Uranus is often accused as being a destroyer -- yet that is Pluto's role. Uranus breaks down things, changes things, but doesn't really destroy in the way that Pluto does. Pluto is change that can't ever be unchanged or revoked. Uranus is change, maybe for the moment, maybe a transformational change that redirects but it doesn't very often destroy anything that can't be put right again. Yes, our pride and our reputation can be changed (or destroyed) but those portions of us can be re-built or re-established after we deal with the changes given to us. Saturn wants walls, Uranus wants holes in those walls. Saturn wants to preserve in the sense that it keeps something unchanged -- which is different from the preserving and protecting that Jupiter provides.

We will be dealing with subtle distinctions here and we may find ourselves going back over our words and correcting them. Such is the nature of things once the outer planets come into play.

So, we will all work from our own lists of meanings and will also be open to ammending them as long as we can stay on common ground. Dave
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