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I'll go first

With Uranus around 8 Taurus and Saturn at 18 Aries, I have the CHANGER Phase in my chart. I have always been challenging the status-quo during my life in terms of work, friends, hobbies. I have worked in a number of career fields and have had a lot of fun doing so -- in all of them I lacked formal training but always succeeded by effort and building upon what I observed and picked up from previous experiences. Part of this success was due to my always jumping on the "next great thing" as this allowed me to enter into a new environment before there were any formal guidelines to follow. I could always innovate.

I always felt, from about age 42 onward, that I was in on the "cosmic joke", that things were going to change anyways so why not imbrace change if you could not instigate change. While others like things to stay the same and be comfortable, I was always looking for a new competitive edge. So, I guess that I fit this phase description fairly well.

On a PERSONAL level, I always seem to be calm, yet my mind is working furiously to consider whats new, what can be changed based on what I just have learned.

On a SOCIAL level I have observed that people like the comfortable path of life, so I sometimes get enjoyment by introducing surprising twists into my conversations or activities just to see the effect upon others.

On a WORLD level I have been less successful in changing things -- you haven't seen me on TV yet, have you? I was a business systems analyst and used the power of the pen to influence large corporations in the software world. I was involved in business computer systems development and did initiate and helped create a "then-new" type of manufacturing planning and control software system that proved very successful and was copied by many others -- a small success. But other than that, I just made my small contributions to the world.


** World level: Perhaps it is easier to explain, report, analyze, and show how wild things are -- leaving the consequences and solutions for someone else to find and apply. You know eveything is going downhill fast -- the only problem is where do you get off before hitting bottom.
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