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Phases . . .

The slowest moving planet/body of a pair is considered the anchor point. The faster moving planet/body is measured counter-clockwise or in zodiac sequence forward from the anchor point. Using 24 Leo as the anchor point, 12 Capricorn would indeed be 138 degrees ahead -- the Analyst Phase.

To quote my earlier post in part, "this is where you cope with what you have -- except that Uranus doesn't fit with "cope and work with it" approaches. Here, you "cope" by jumping fully into a course of action, some form of committed process. It's like walking on coals, if you have faith and do it right then it works. If it is all wrong then you had better jump off the hot coals quickly, heal your feet and try something else. This phase is sudden experiments, short-term fix and check it situations, keeping a few things and adding a few things -- sort of like an experimental cake mix where you hope for adequate results.
** Personal level: Do something, be innovative, go with impulses.
** Social level: Work with plan A, have plan B ready.

This pair of planets doesn't always fit with the generic term "Analyst" because it sometimes seems there isn't time to analyize anything. Even if you plan ahead, something cause the game to be changed and your plans are for nought. Thank heavens this phase doesn't seem to be in the forefront of our lives on a minute by minute basis. Dave
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