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I didn't notice at all that it was the same corridor. Very interesting this connection between 4/8 in the Cups given the similar connection between 4/8 in Pents.

I do think, given the Nosferatu King/Cups as well as the suggestion in 2/3 Cups of vampires, that our girl in the coffin might be vampiric. Frankenstein and the idea of crafting life from un-live things seems to be the theme of the Pents. While the cups and drinking is, aptly, vampires. Rising from coffins is what we expect from vampires, and a girl who must return every dawn her coffin, and must feed on blood every night, is certainly stuck in an endless, horrible cycle. There is that problem with being a vampire in some stories--the need to return to that one coffin, and should anything happen to it, you're dust. The red of coffin and rose also suggest vampire.

I don't think her arm is bone. I think she's angled so that her arm is in the coffin, and what you're seeing is the long stems of those dried roses. The suggestion seems to be that she has to tug one shoulder out, then turn to get the other shoulder out. It makes us see and feel how very narrow, small, and claustrophobic that coffin is--visually is suggests entrapment. It is interesting that she's in a wedding dress; she died/became a vampire on her wedding night, presumably prior to consummation as she's in the dress. I know we can take this to mean marriage as a trap--and in the 19th century it kinda was...but she wasn't really married was she? I kinda think it might suggest a perpetual state of neither married nor unmarried, like being neither alive nor dead. It's telling that the coffin is on a "threshold" that our bride is never carried across.

It's a marvelous and disturbing card as it really does give us a feeling perpetual "in-between." No going forward, no going back. All motion keeps one in the same place.
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