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The Four of Cups is supposed to be a vampire (I got the book, and it describes this woman as a vampire.) When Karen was first posting the cards on the Baba Studio blog, she showed us closeups of the Four of Cups, including the fangs. (You can't really see them, but they are there.) I love vampires, and this card is awesome.

The book also talks about the vampire being isolated, which is very true. A vampire lives forever, or at least a lot longer then humans, and everyone around them ages and dies while the vampire stays the same. Times and surroundings change, while the vampire never really changes. A vampire can be around humans but is different from them and can no longer really be part of human society (although they can try to pass for humans.) That is really isolating.

I also like the blue roses, since blue roses do not occur in nature, and it emphasizes the unnatural circumstance of being undead. Blue roses symbolize (according to my rose book) :fantasy, the impossible, new possibilites and miracles.

I really like this card. Lots of atmosphere.
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