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Golden Tarot -- Six of Cups

Two children sit in a lush, green garden. The older one, I think it's a boy, dressed in brown and light blue, sits on a low wall reading a book, with one foot in the grass and one up on the wall. He looks relaxed and absorbed in reading. One of six cups, all containing white, leafy roses, is on the wall by his foot. The other child, dressed in bright red, looks younger. She (I think it's a she) sits inside the garden, gazing up at the other child. In one hand she holds a bird, and with the other hand, she looks like she is offering her cup to the boy. A little monkey sits with them in the grass. Behind them is a road leading past the city walls. We can see part of what might be a castle in the background. The blue sky has a few clouds.

The card suggests innocence, sharing, childhood and friendship -- the simple enjoyment of being with others and being so comfortable with them that you can do whatever you like. The card might indicate happy memories as well as a childhood friendship.
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