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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
FB - You are totally on the mark! Water everywhere and i plan on taking a tour of the history of the area..

9 of Cups - 6 of Cups

You'll be pleased with the new to you car and it won't be too far different from what you normally drive. What you used to like in a car will be a distant memory..

I know my bank account will be bruised but what positive things will I encounter upon returning home?
FB: You are / were absolutely right GotH! I got my 'new to me car' a little over a month ago, and what I used to like in a car has changed so much since then. Distant memory for sure!

Thanks for the FB, greatly appreciated! I hope that your trip was wonderful.

Originally Posted by MarieAntoinette View Post
Ace of pentacles - 8 of wands
It will be worth every cent you paid for it - it's fun and engaging!

Q: Something positive about detaching myself from DB (ex)?

~The Wheel of Fortune X ~ Lovers VI ~ Universal Waite with Rx's

There are some positive changes coming up for you, in regards to detaching yourself from DB. You'll find that you feel more balanced once things have settled. Several new opportunities (social events, meeting new people, etc...) will present themselves. Whatever you choose to do will be a very uplifting experience. The only difficulty will be choosing which opportunity you wish to embrace.

Q: Something positive about expanding my 'gifts' (intuition, psychic-medium abilities)?
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