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"My favourite crystal and why"

My vote is for Quartz (clear).
For all it's amplifying effects (so whatever you intend, or whatever your attention is on - so may it be amplified. Plus they're easily 'programmable' - so they're versatile.).

But truly - it's more for a rutile quartz. Clear with inclusions.
Specifically where the inclusions appear like skinny silver needles bunched together - as opposed to the skinny gold/coppery needles which are usually labeled as rutile.
I've seen this once, and I also once had a small pebble of it which I cannot find anymore (maybe misplaced or given away). For some reason this is fascinatingly pretty for me.

"Getting to the heart of the matter" - is a theme for included quartz.
That's appropriate. I like attention to detail. :-)
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