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I voted Hematite. My current obsession is Angelite and Celestite, but Hematite and I go way back.

When I was a child, we went to Death Valley, which was about as fun as it sounds. x_x However, where we stayed, there was a gift shop, and there I found a necklace of hematite chips. I was just so drawn to it. My parents kindly bought it for me (likely in an attempt to get me to stop whining about the heat).

I decided that the hematite necklace would be my "healing necklace." That was just my intuitive decision back then. And while the rest of the vacation was still very uncomfortable, I swear that necklace helped.

Sadly, it broke years later and now I can't find the pieces (though I suspect I saved them in a baggie somewhere). I'm currently looking at different pieces online and will be getting a "worry stone" type tumbled one soon.

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