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My favorite crystal and why?

Sapphire I love how rich the colour of blue is and seeing older film stars wearing them dazzling diamonds yet my eyes drawn to those blue stones.
something deep about them the heart of the ocean Titanic, Elizabeth taylor, Jackie O, they just stand out when you see them.
white or clears tones I feel are cold yet blue sapphires feel deep and mystical enchanting.

an inky sky at night with no stars when it looks electric I love that moment of stepping outside and the sky being that way its quite rare.I feel as if I could easily swim inside a sapphire when looking at one. They have depth.

I do have some but they are small I dont have someone to buy me large sapphires.

My gran had a ring and I keep it close eventhough I was told its only paste jewelry and to throw it out! its set in gold and I aim one day to fix it. I just love them since my gran showed me, made me think she was a galmourpuss and she was. I see it as old hollywood glamour.

if it turns up with diamonds and platinum for free I wont be turning it down. The man might have to go back but I may keep the goodies!
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