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Originally posted by catlin
Hi there,

Woohoo, I see there is another one out there using a swastika spread! I created mine last year but only use it for myself but I have to admit that I will try out yours and compare it with mine.
Could you post yours? I'd love to see it!

Originally posted by Qolus
oooh, I want to try these but I fear that all the cards will befuddle me... I'll try to get my gumption up because these are very enticing. Thank you so much for sharing wisdom from your creekbed, teranar
I have a tendancy of using several cards, or less than normal. But here's another one I use. It uses a lot of cards, sometimes all the cards in a deck, and I've never done it alone, usually with 2 or 3 people with me. I've also only done it 3 times. I call it the universe spread because its so big. (its also suprisingly accurate) Its also based on everything being interlocked in some way. Choose an important subject, make sure its something or someone important. It must have a lot of influence in your life or lives if there are multipile people doing the reading.

You start by taking your chosen subject and doing a spread you know and like. I like using my path 'swastika' spread. Now choose another subject, then shuffle the deck again (VERY IMPORTANT) and choose a spread on your new subject, and lay it out near the above spread. interperit as you would, but then connect the 2 spreads with 3 cards. (I sometimes use the ends of the swastika as the center of a new reading) The center card is their relation to each other, and the end cards are how they affect each other. Now think of a subject that could affect you or what you're reading or something that may have even popped up in the reading. Do another spread on it. Then connect it wiht your original subject and your second subject. Be sure between spread groups to reshuffle the deck, but to leave all the cards out. When ever you do a new subject spread connect it with all the other spreads you have down. If it seems you have hit a dead end but you or another reader feels you're not done (You'll feel wether its done or not) start a fresh spread, still reshuffling, seperate on another subject and link it with your others. I've always come up with exactly all the cards when I finish my last spread group and connect it. This spread, though its really about 9 smaller spreads, is suprisingly accurate, and always tells me things I wouldn't know about otherwise. Me and everyone else who does it always feel really tired after its finished.
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