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Vision Quest - XII Vision Quest

A Medicine Man is on a mountain top, his arms reaching towards the sun. He has a blanket, blowing in the wind, hanging from his shoulders, and his hair has five eagle feathers in it. A giant eagle is apparent next to or behind the sun, which is burning brightly.

Significant Details:
The vision quest is a quest for spiritual knowledge/meanings, and is considered very sacred to most native peoples. The blanket the Medicine Man uses is woven with the journey he has made on his spiritual path. If the Medicine Man opens his eyes, he may very well see that the eagle has come to guide him. If he does not, he just may miss the message that the spirit realm is sending him. The sun is burning brightly not only radiating heat, but also emanating a lot of power for the medicine man to use, contain, for his spiritual purposes.

My Interpretation:
A challenge to the way you think and live is coming. You may be consumed by a period of inaction, emptiness, use this time to reestablish your values, beliefs, or viewpoint. Keep your feet on the ground and do not be taken in by illusions. You need to make a decision; this is a good time for meditation, for looking within yourself.
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