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The only time I've seen "quintessence" mentioned with regard to tarot is in the LWB for the Diamond tarot deck. There's a way of reading cards that's described there called "The Diamond Method" and at the end of the reading, card #5 is drawn, which acts as the "essence of the consultation". Then when all the rest is done, it says "Quintessence: personal affirmation" and this is described as a review of all the cards you've drawn using this Diamond Method. Once reviewed, you distill the "quintessential" from the session, making it into a seven-word sentence that summarizes the insights gained into a "forceful, very personal affirmation" that's positive and that you repeat to yourself often over a period of time.

This Diamond Method isn't a spread as we'd think of a spread. It's a series of questions based around a focal question. You choose the focal question and draw a card for it. Once that's done, you do a series of other questions, each based on the card drawn as a response to the question before. It seems like an interesting process to go through but I haven't tried it yet.
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