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We can see two galaxy on the picture perpendicular to each other. One of them is Andromeda and another one is our own galaxy Milky Way. Due to Astronomy position these two galaxy situated just close to each other and edge of the Andromeda is touching the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.
We can see two stars on the chick of the woman they look like tears are trickling out. It is an element of emotional collapse and sorry.
Scientists say that Andromeda galaxy closeы to our galaxy at the high speed, and in 5-10 billion years, it will merge with Milky Way, absorb it and be born a new large galaxy.

The same to Queen of Cups. She is characterized by complete dedication to the love, the ability to dissolve in a partner, to merge with him together as the same one. The explosion of emotions, if she is in love - she is in love till her death, until the end. She is always ready to relationships and easy going to the contact with the man. When she loves, she is immersed in love with the head fully, absorbing her partner.
Symbol of Andromeda Constellation is "woman with chain". it is the same to the story Nisaba described above.
It means that Queen of Cups is always ready to join with man, to chain herself with chains of love or marriage. She is waiting for Hero, who can put the World to her feet.

We can see that Constellation is in Cup on the back side of the picture. It is Ace of Cups. The ace of cups is another possible path, which in Indian tradition called Bhat yoga. This yoga of love, then yoga is the complete and unlimited returns itself to the power of the divine. Huge bowl, shown on the card - the cup of Babalon, which, according to Thelemic cosmology, adept pours out of yourself, not hiding a drop. Bhat (ace of cups) - is a mystical formula and the passive way in which the soul itself becomes adept bowl, ready to accommodate a full bestowed joy and sorrow.

The same to Queen of Cups. She always shows her emotions openly, never hide them. Joy or sorrow, they both resonate in her heart and soul, she is ready to share her inner world for free. She genuinely loves.
At the same time she was expecting the same expression of feelings from her partner's side, she is ready to accept all his joys and sorrows to herself, share them with her partner.

This card manifested in the overwhelming feeling of love, unity with the divine, flooded all consciousness. It was on such ecstasy of love of dissolution in the divine, likening ĢEgoģ sugar, dissolved in hot tea divine. Without the principle of love, any magical growth will only slow down until it collapses under its own weight. Without love, the life for the Queen of Cups is meaningless, as the Andromeda galaxy, absorbing the Milky Way, she will move forward until its path is not there a new galaxy with which it merges. Structure, which claims to immutability and do not realize its connection with the entire organism, turns into cancer, perished together with the carrier.

Due to Astronomy theory when Andromeda (the woman) will be clashed to Milky Way (the man), it will turned to universal collapse and Solar system (man nature) will be pushed out of the Galaxy system.

It also belong to the one of the negative meanings of the Queen of Cups. When the woman dissolves into a man completely, without a trace, and forgets about her own interests, she may lose her weight and importance in the eyes of the man. He can feel lack of freedom and lack of breath, man can move away and break the relationship.
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