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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

Instead of using the muddy copy of the Alasio 8 of Wands, I used the 8 of Wands from my chosen deck, the Tarot of Prague. Color, shading, and detail mean a lot to me and before doing any interpretive work, I wanted to really study the card. The card shows eight red wands parallel with each other in the air; each ends with a different gargoyle head. A figure holding an hourglass and a lamp is calmly tumbling through the air behind the wands. In the lower right corner, a cherub is also falling. In the upper right corner a stork is floating, one leg up and holding a ball.

The recent past - a number of unexpected events (eight?) have occurred recently that have caused you to lose your equilibrium, yet you've taken these events calmly, in stride, and although you're off balance, you aren't terribly concerned about the outcome.

A obstacle - before you lie a number of frightening obstacles, but you realize there is another direction, a different way of approaching your goal, that bypasses all these obstacles. Focus on that direction, and the obstacles will be overcome.

Your strength - your strength is the ability to accept reality without panic, without heightened concern, even if it appears you are headed for a downfall. Others may fall (the cherub), but you will gently float down, with your eyes open and everything in view (the lamp). It may take time (the hourglass), but you will achieve what you set out to without harm to yourself or your spirit.

What is my purpose in life? (the best that can be achieved) - my purpose is to clearly see my path and know that I will reach my goal, avoiding obstacles that could hinder or prevent others from what I can achieve.

What do I need to know about buying this house? (my fears - original) - you have many fears about this house, many worries, but if you focus on the result, the positives about the house, the fears will pass away and you'll be satisfied with the purchase -- all of your concerns and worries will prove to be fruitless.

What do I need to know about buying this house? (my fears - revised) - you have many fears about this house, many worries. Examine these fears for validity, for what may lead you to a decision that you can be comfortable with. What do these fears tell you about your comfort level in buying this house?

I need to develop the patience that the knight shows, so my question is How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now?.

Source (root, cause) How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? The cause of my impatience is my lack of skill at being still, learning that movement is not always necessary. I can cultivate and practice stillness, immobility, to help me develop patience.

Pros How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? Patience, as the cliche has it, is a virtue. There is much to be learned from merely working at developing patience. I can gain confidence, learn more about myself through meditation and stillness and inner focus. I can cultivate my conscious imagination. I can expand my spiritual life and gain new abilities, new options that can be invoked in many situations where I've often simply reacted in the past.

What is unexpected? How can I develop the patience that my life needs right now? I selected this "position" because I didn't have an immediate response. But considering the position, the concept, I believe there are unseen, unexplored, unrecognized aspects of my self and my spirit that will reveal themselves as I develop a skill with being patient. An exciting adventure, new avenues to explore, await me as I develop this skill.

To accompany the Issue, I selected Purpose on one side and Next Step on the other. The Ace of Swords is Purpose, the Knight of Pentacles is Issue, and Judgement is Next Step. The Ace of Swords (Purpose) encourages me to focus on the Issue, to have confidence and know that achievement will be a positive step in my life. The Knight (which "comes from" Purpose and faces Next Step) is my current desire to develop patience, which will occur with the right focus and single-minded confidence. The Knight faces Judgement, indicating that the Next Step is to understand how avoiding development of this skill can mar my development, can cause a permanent vacuum in my spiritual growth.

I found the first two activities exhilarating, the last one extremely difficult, partly because I had trouble adding Judgement to the "blend".
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