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Yes, you are ahead of yourself, Heavensvault, we still need to do our trapeze act!
Everyone is necessary, however different our task. We can't all be the one who leaps, but must sometimes be the one who holds. Here we definitely all need mindfulness - the kind where we are totally present in the moment and in everything that transpires all around us in that moment. And we need to trust that everyone is doing their part, that the catcher will be there to catch, that the holder will let go at the precise required moment. And if we expect others to do that for us, we must be aware for them. All of us, everyone, everywhere, totally involved.
I think that often seems to be one of the huge problems with the world around us now - so many people off on their own agendas, their own stories, their own wars, without considering how each one of us contributes to the whole. No-one can act without affecting everything and we forget so easily that our own lives are not actually the centre of the known universe for everyone.
I love this card. The focus, the void, the ideas it brings into my mind. Lots more thought required on this one.
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