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Originally Posted by Judith D
The rider with his tickertape parade and absolute enjoyment of the moment does not see the smirk on the face of the tiger, whose gentle paws - no claws out as yet - are padding over a globe - I am struggling to find a meaning with that. More thought required.
I see the globe as representing the rider's feeling that he is on top of the world. As for the tiger's smirk, I see the tiger thinking, "You can ride me for a short time, but you do not own me." No one owns the tiger!

Like everyone else, I've had times when I've struggled and times when I've ridden the tiger of success. The peaks and valleys of my life may not have been as extreme as they've been for some - I've lived a modest and fairly uneventful life - but even small setbacks and slight windfalls can have a dramatic emotional impact.

The funny thing is, the most emotionally trying times for me have not been during those periods when I've struggled, but rather at the moment when my time riding the tiger is just coming to an end. It is so easy to cling and to try to make the good times last forever. So difficult to just relax and go with the flow.

I once read a description of a poster that I would love to have. In this poster is a wise-looking guru dressed in flowing white robes. He is on a surfboard, surfing in the waters off some tropical beach. The caption reads something like, "You cannot eliminate the waves of life, but you can learn to ride them skillfully."
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