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OshoZen 6 of Rainbows (Pents)

6 of Rainbows ~Compromise~

These two don't look happy at all. Is it a realization that they're really not going to get what they're after? Is it a series of mind games gone wrong?
They both look like mirror images of the other, perhaps that's the problem.
Talk about meeting your match. Sometimes it takes meeting up with someone else to realize how much of yourself you were willing to giveaway just to have another's validation or presence. Then it becomes a matter of examining one's own intentions. There were times when I've looked back and thought: I can't believe I did that!
For me it has been a case of reviewing my own value system, and knowing that I had to improve it. I've had a habit of forgetting myself in relationships/friendships, forgetting what really matters to me. Focusing on the other first, and their needs.
Compromising takes on a different life when the one you compromise is yourself.
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