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I think she is picking flowers, for the pure joy of the beauty of it. I like the commentary very much, but I don't know that I could have reached that meaning from study of the card itself. I know that the 8 of Pentacles in the traditional RWS is the student, hard at work learning his skills, or developing his hobby, and growing in experience. It is again patience, but also discipline. That fits well with the commentary idea of doing your mundane tasks with complete attention, for their own sake, but still realising their importance and specialness, even though they are so ordinary.
This is such a beautiful card. The freshness of it, the abundance of flowers in the field and on the trees - it must be spring to be blooming like that. You can almost hear the birds sing and the bees buzz.
It does indeed look like she is enjoying the fruits of her labours (but traditionally, that would be more like the 9).
Perhaps, then, this represents that moment of bliss, that extraordinary moment when you 'fall together'. I could do that, in that place.
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