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Wouldn't it be wonderful if such a celebration of life, such recognition of our connectedness, was possible now. Has there ever been a time when our earth has not been at war somewhere.
Here the dance of life goes through all the chakra colours, and it seems as if our combined light shines down on the earth itself as love and protection. Even the stars look cheerful.
And yes, definitely the www. Isn't it amazing how we are connected - we few people here, in so many different places and timezones, probably never to meet face to face, but connected by common interest and hopes and fears, each trying to make our lives a bit better. And through us, all our connections are connected, and on we go until it is easy to understand how one persons's thoughts and deeds can affect each and every other one of us.
It is hard to imagine how much power and energy is actually available, if we could all join together even for one short moment. Instead, we fritter our lives away on selfish concerns, on judgment and ego.
I am so glad that I am making even my small attempt to be better, to grow spiritually and to learn compassion and understanding. I cannot possibly expect anyone else to do this if I am not prepared to make the effort too.
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