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Originally Posted by sapienza
And so does the Magician show us that we have the skills and resources to undertake this journey with the aim of reconciling opposites within our own natures? I'm looking forward to hearing others thoughts on this card. I've always really struggled to 'get' the Magician, more so than most other cards and particularly in this deck.
In my personal pet theory The Magician is the 2nd of 3 cards that represent The Black Phase. The complete listing is: The Fool, The Magician, and The High Priestess.

This is a hard and dark phase where the outer layers of ego are removed leaving you with the inner core of you. Hermes is the ideal of what we strive for when we push forward in this phase. As for why these three cards are not dark things are never clear when talking about alchemy--see 1st (bracketed) quote in my post above--and it is to encourage those who are most likely to fail, the impure and weak--the initiates.

There is more and I'll try and post these later.
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