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Alchemical Study Group - King of Staffs

Hi all. I'm starting this thread because since I began working exclusively with this deck about a month ago I have drawn this card constantly. I do daily draws and he's come up six time in a month and he appears in almost every reading I do. I'm struggling to understand his message so I thought I'd open it up to the study group

In the card a dragon is coiled around a burning staff. He is holding on to the staff as if he's protecting it. He also has rings and a crown made of his own scales. In the companion book Place discusses 'animal passions' saying they are the source of our life energy. He also says it represents inner strength.

I've worked through quite a few of the activities in '21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card' using this card and still can't figure out what it means for me. I get the idea when I look at this card that the dragon is being quite defensive. He seems to be looking at me quite suspiciously. Sometimes he even seems angry. He's certainly holding on to that staff as if he's afraid of losing it. I like the Kings in this deck as animals, but this one is a bit of a puzzle to me. And he's stalking me so I sure want to figure out what he's trying to say
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