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Just a couple of observations -- my copy of the Renewed is still in the mail but I snuck over to Taroteca.

I also noticed that the King is holding onto his staff very protectively, like he'll breathe fire over anyone who tries to snatch it from him. But I see that in his obsession to cling to the wand, he doesn't notice that the wind is about to blow out the flame at the top.

Additionally, I wonder if its coincidence that the first thing I thought of when I saw his head was "jester's hat", not "crown". He does seem a little foolish in his exaggerated, defensive pose. Almost seems childish, on closer inspection... a baby dragon practicing guarding his hoard, and not doing a terribly good job of it. If we turned the card around, maybe we would see that other young dragons have stolen the rest of his wands; he's glaring at them, not us. Sort of an odd impression to get from a King, isn't it?
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