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I haven't had any deep thoughts about this card. I do view the dragon differently to you though, Sapienza and Alamaris. I keep drawing this card when I'm asking about someone I adore so this could be influencing me somewhat.

I see the dragon as cheeky. I almost feel as if he could give you his staff but he doesn't want to right now. He looks playful and wise to me. I think he's being mock protective, glancing sideways at us in a mock aggressive way. I feel that if I spoke to him he'd probably laugh. He looks all powerful and fiery but I think all that potential aggression is contained. He looks to me like he has the power of a nuclear weapon but the heart of a pacifist.

His wings are like the fire... his colouring is like the fire... I think he's one with that fire. I'd imagine that if he gave the staff away the fire might go out because the power of it comes from within him. Contrast this fire to the fire in the Ace of wands. It's more alive in this card.

I think the jester hat / crown views are perfect. King of his domain but with a great sense of humour about it all. (and the crown/jester hat is a part of him - not an external item of clothing).

Also, this card reminds me of the salamander in the Ace of Wands. It looks like the salamander has grown up and turned into a dragon. Raaaaaaah!!!!
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