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What an absolutely amazing Magician card. I've always been quite partial to the Magician, though he does seem to get bagged in some tarot books. Before I knew anything about tarot I naively assumed that the Mag was the most powerful and important card in the deck. Perhaps for me it is.

With that said, I'm so greatly appreciative of what Place has done with him. As with quite a number of cards in the deck (most if not all), Place has expanded meanings and deepened the archetypal portrayals (for me). I just love the Hermes/Mercury aspect to this draws out so much more than the RWS portrayal of a ritual magician. From the first glance, this Magician has had a lot to say...

Thank you Leisa for posting the inspiring write-up from the book. I 'm excited for more! Perhaps we could continue on with the High Priestess?
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